Tis the Season to Meet & Greet… for Wellness Sake

This Holiday Season (Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Day 2015) has been my very first with a real “Diet” in my life — a diet that I really must  stick with… and never forget about…

even while in the company of others, of course; others who may have the potential to tempt me away from my commitment… a challenge we all come to face, for one reason or another… The challenge of people!

Yes, in addition to our Challenge 1 [Opportunity], we will naturally meet many different people: from family members & friends to co-workers or even strangers; who may come to challenge our commitment to this diet of ours throughout the holiday season and beyond—challenging our commitment to have & to hold onto this new way of life that we’ve grown to actually need

Many different people, in many different ways—from subtle & sweet to downright aggressive & controlling

From people who may wish to be supportive of our desire to do things differently [more healthfully] but don’t really understand how to be of help; to others who may actually discourage or sabotage our efforts, preferring we didn’t change our way, even though such changes would be for our ultimate good.

Yet, if we only had to meet this challenge just once in a rare while, such as on Christmas day, it really wouldn’t be a big issue at all.  But for many of us, however, it’s a challenge that we must often face, several times a week or even daily, especially during Holiday Season, which is why this second Challenge [People] can be the very problem  that has been taking “option C” out of our equation altogether for years unless we meet & greet it head onwith a PLAN!

Way quote.Option C_Tis the SeasonII

…Bringing us now to our next set of “Tips”!

Challenge 2:  Meeting & Greeting People-Pressure:

1.)  Consider your Why / your Reasons for wanting (and needing) option C, remembering that YOU matter!  Your Feelings, Your Goals, Your Health all matter!  Believe it.  And resolve to do what it takes to get to a healthier, more nourishing place.

Often remind yourself of this reality, and of the “Why”.  Consider how giving in to this challenge on a regular basis has been of no help to you, or to your loved ones—and may even be harming your health if nothing begins to change.

2.)  Consider your Decision:  Make up your mind ahead of time by planning your “Yes” and your “No, thank you” before the challenge greets you; as well as by planning a few creative ways [that can be clear, yet comfortable/kind] for meeting it on your terms.  This Tip is important because it’s often the spontaneous (unplanned) indulgences that take us furthest away from our new & improved path (and our option C).

3.)  Equip yourself.  Be aware of Menu options ahead of time.  Offer to bring food item(s) that will help you in feeling much more at-home with your diet at social gatherings.  Consider when the host or fellow guests may come to present the biggest challenge [temptation] to you (? at appetizer vs. main entrée vs. dessert), then bring a new & improved item for then that will suit your diet well… for you & all to enjoy [such as a gluten-free dessert for me & my new, handsome diet! 😉 ].

4.) Still review the previous “Tis the Season” Tips within this series, since they will also help in successfully meeting this challenge, too.  After-all, practice does make easy (automatic)!

One more challenge (with tips) to come!  Time to REJOICESo see you again soon, as we continue to Hope–Prepare–Enjoy!. ♥EF

© Copyright 2013/revised 12/26/2014 by Eileen Frank, RD–The Way to Nourish for Life.  Note:  For caveat, please refer to “ABOUT” The Way to Nourish for Life. 


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