The Rt 66 Challenge: To Be Transformed [Support Group]

An ongoing support group for the journey ahead while in pursuit of health & holiness − by way of Rt. 66 (as created by Eileen Frank, RD) − is available for the encouragement & formation of habits [physical &/or spiritual] that will bring us to a better place!

Click HERE to Link to noted support group via the Awestruck Catholic Network. *

Awestruck_logo21_Support Group

“In Pursuit of Health & Holiness By Way of Route 66”

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The Rt. 66 Challenge To Be Transformed! –EF

Let’s hit the road together …And may the Lord forever be our Driver!

©2014.–The Way to Nourish for Life.  [Note: Ideas expressed here regarding the “Rt. 66” way & challenge are those of Eileen Frank, RD; and may not be utilized elsewhere without prior documented permission.]

*[If wish to learn “aboutAwestruck, you may click HERE.]


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