In The News: Can Antioxidant Supplements Make Cancer Spread Faster?

Headline: Antioxidants Cause Malignant Melanoma to Metastasize Faster

“Fresh research at Sahlgrenska Academy has found that antioxidants can double the rate of melanoma metastasis in mice. The results reinforce previous findings that antioxidants [in form of supplements] hasten the progression of lung cancer. According to Professor Martin Bergö, people with cancer or an elevated risk of developing the disease should avoid nutritional supplements that contain antioxidants.”

Excerpts of article in the news [October 2015] from the University of Gothenburg provided below:

“Given well-established evidence that free radicals can cause cancer, the research community had simply assumed that antioxidants, which destroy them, provide protection against the disease. Found in many nutritional supplements, antioxidants are widely marketed as a means of preventing cancer. Because the lung cancer studies called the collective wisdom into question, they attracted a great deal of attention.

A pic of pills_wikicommons“The follow-up studies at Sahlgrenska Academy have now found that antioxidants double the rate of metastasis in malignant melanoma…

“Experiments on cell cultures from patients with malignant melanoma confirmed the new results…

Also, “taking nutritional supplements containing antioxidants may unintentionally hasten the progression of a small tumor or premalignant lesion, neither of which is possible to detect…

Dr. Bergö says: “Our current research combined with information from large clinical trials with antioxidants suggests that people who have been recently diagnosed with cancer should avoid such supplements.

Plus “how antioxidants in lotions affect the course of malignant melanoma is currently being explored…

“He stresses that additional research is badly needed, [and that] other forms of cancer and types of antioxidants need to be considered.”

Article “Antioxidants Can increase Melanoma Metastasis in Mice” was published in Science Translational Medicine on October 7, 2015.

Above image of supplements credit/author: Ragesoss [ via Wikimedia Commons ].

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