START FROM NOW… with Words of Encouragement from Mother Angelica +More

Way_railroad tracksIIThough no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” –Carl Bard

This quote came to mind in recent days, as I’ve been reflecting on some difficult issues within my own life—issues adversely affected by my ongoing weakness…

So I turned to a few good friends for some much-needed words of encouragement—and Mother Angelica & Saints so kindly came through!  If you, then, are seeking encouragement for the journey that lies ahead as well, it is my hope that you will find some here…

Beginning now with 10 inspiring gems from Mother Angelica:

Don’t look back, because in order to look back you have to stop moving forward.”

Every moment of life is like God saying, ‘Look, I know you messed up the last moment, but here’s a new one.’ …you have a fresh start in this new moment. Every day, every instant of your life is brand-new—you make it old by living in the past.”

Way quote. Every-moment-is-new_MotherAngelica quote

We have to ask God: What are You calling me to do now, in this Present Moment?”

Very few people live in the Present Moment. It’s like a new sheet of paper… That’s what the Present Moment is. It’s God giving you a brand-new sheet to begin again. But some people keep scribbling the same miserable thing on it.”

Have we lost sight of this world being a pilgrimage? It’s a journey. You’re not home yet.”

There’re a lot of things that you can do, but you’ve got to do what God has asked you to do, and stick to it! You have all eternity to experience the presence of God, but you have a very short time to do something for Him.”

Way quote. Unless-you-are-willing_Mother Angelica quoteIIWhat is it in your life and in my life that smothers the real truth? What is covering it over? Is it riches? Is it a desire for human glory? Is it lust? Is it alcohol? Is it sex? Pride? What is it that covers up the glory of the kingdom and makes us desire the very least? Why are we willing to spend eternity in a mud shack, when we could have a spiritual mansion?”

Unless you are willing to do the ridiculous, God will not do the miraculous.”

Let us ask Our Dear Lord for the graces we don’t even know we need, the grace to endure the cross with serenity… We are all going to have crosses, so we need the grace to see God’s hand in them—the grace to understand the economy of God.”

God is looking for you. He is. His power is not great in somebody else’s strength. His power is great in weakness, your weakness. So we all measure up.”

For I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me

Way quote. Every-moment-is-new_MotherAngelica quoteWe are Christians, and we all want to go on with the journey; and even if we don’t want to, the journey is what in fact we have to go on with… There must be no room for idleness; keep walking or you will be just dragged along. St. Augustine

O souls, created for [such] grandeurs and called to them! What are you doing? How are you spending your time? St. John of the Cross

 Reflect that your Guardian Angel does not always move your desire for an action, but he does always enlighten your reason. Hence, in order to practice virtue, do not wait until you feel like it, for your reason and intellect are sufficient. St. John of the Cross

Blessed God… clothe me, clothe me with Yourself, eternal Truth, so that I may finish my life’s journey in true obedience and in the light of holy faith, which makes my soul feel inebriated anew. St. Catherine of Siena

Behold, now is a very acceptable time; behold, now is the day of salvation [St. Paul; 2Cor 6:2]…  Even now, says the Lord [Joel 2:12]…  Start from now and make a brand new ending! 

Let us pray

Be kind to Your little children, Lord. Be a gentle teacher, patient with our weakness and stupidity. And give us the strength and discernment to do what You tell us, and so grow in holiness. May we all live in peace that comes from You. May we journey toward Your city, sailing through the waters of sin untouched by the waves, borne serenely along by the Holy Spirit. Night and day may we give You praise and thanks, because You have shown us that all things belong to You and all blessings are gifts from You. To You, the essence of wisdom, the foundation of truth, be glory for evermore. –St. Clement of Alexandria

Way quote. Be-kind-to-Your-little-children_StClementPrayerII


• • •

♦ Mother Angelica quotes/excerpts from Mother Angelica’s Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality.


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