REVOLUTON of TENDERNESS — For We’ve Been Called OUT! …By Pope Francis

I felt so inspired by Pope Francis’ homily during his last Mass in Santiago, Cuba

— relating to the Visitation — on Tuesday, Sept 22 [thanks to EWTN]

that I wanted to share it with you here.

Below, therefore, is some of what I heard this day on being CALLED OUT

(using my own notes which I took via the live translation on EWTN),

and on the…..

a Revolution-of-TENDERNESS

The Gospel we have just heard tells us something about the Lord; something He does every time He visits us. He CALLS US OUT of our house…
God’s presence in our lives never leaves us tranquil. It always pushes us to do something. When God comes, He always calls us out of our house. We are visited so that we can visit others. We are encountered as we encounter others. We receive love in order to give love…
Whenever we look to Mary, we come to believe once again in a revolutionary nature of love and tenderness…
We are asked to live the revolution of tenderness, as Mary, our Mother of Charity. We are invited to leave home and open our eyes and hearts to others. Our revolution comes about through tenderness; through the joy which always becomes closeness and compassion, and leads us to get involved in and to serve the life of others—
Our faith makes us leave our homes and go forth to encounter others; to share their joys, their hopes, and their frustrations—
Our faith calls us out of our house to visit the sick, the prisoner, and to those who mourn. It makes us able to laugh with those who laugh and to rejoice with those, our neighbors, who rejoice. Like Mary, we want to be a church which serves; which leaves home and goes forth…
BE LIKE MARY…leave home and set out on the path of visitation… And… pray like Mary…”! –Pope Francis (9/22/2015)

A POPE_Our-Faith-Calls-Us-Out



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