Is Your Food Making You Sick?? From Anxiety To Arthritis… IBS to Insomnia… Migraine to Muscle Pain…


it really is possible for Food Sensitivities to be playing a role in such problems —

at least for some of us (who are many!).


LEAP_Conditions Potentially Tied to Food SensitivitiesV

“Sensitivities” are a type of inflammatory reaction involving the immune system that is totally different from food allergy.

And it is a type of reaction that leads to the release of some very powerful substances (cytokines, prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and/or other mediators) from various types of white blood cells. These, in turn, then lead to a multitude of negative effects and symptoms that over time can cause us such misery and frustration.

It’s also important to realize that the type (as well as dose) of specific foods involved in the triggering of this reaction is highly individualized, and therefore different for each individual person, which adds to the complexity of the matter… and means it’s NOT a one-diet-fits-all situation!

So if you have you been struggling with a chronic health condition that is associated with inflammation (for instance IBS, migraine, or fibromyalgia), you may want to consider speaking with an appropriately-trained health professional, such as a registered dietitian, who specializes in food sensitivities (as I now do) for further information. There is special screening and testing [MRT®: Mediator Release Testing], plus related food-therapy counseling, available through such experts whenever indicated.

For I, myself, know what it is like to suffer from food sensitivities, and have personally experienced healing (the resolution of various symptoms) through this process as well, which is why I now seek to help others suffering in this way.

God bless.


7 thoughts on “Is Your Food Making You Sick?? From Anxiety To Arthritis… IBS to Insomnia… Migraine to Muscle Pain…

  1. Are such tests reliable? Often GPs dismiss complaints and put stress as a cause. How can I find out if I’m sensitive to certain foods when I’m constantly being told it’s in my head?

    • Oh those infamous words of “it’s all in your head” or “it’s just stress”!! My own doctor (GP) didn’t want to believe me either—primarily because I did not have any gastrointestinal problems, and all my blood work (to screen for anemia or thyroid issues, for example) came back normal. Plus, unfortunately, he has been failing to keep up on the latest research.
      But it is true that not all food-sensitivity tests (nor approaches) are created equal. The test [MRT®] that I am speaking of, however, is considered very reliable (93.6% split sample reproducibility) and functional/relevant. It quantifies the inflammatory response to food/food-chemicals; accounts for clinical & subclinical inflammation; and accounts for the widest range of inflammatory pathways. Still, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a properly trained health professional specializing in food sensitivities in order to make sense of it all. The test is the tool we use for the development of a very individualized diet program for optimal results and success.
      I therefore recommend speaking with a “CLT” [Certified LEAP Therapist]. Many of us will even do complimentary screenings by way of phone (if there isn’t a CLT in your area). I plan to talk more about it very soon right here on blog. 🙂
      Best wishes to you, Miranda! –Eileen

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