Got Hate? …Please RSVP Within Then

 An invitation is here, along with vital words to share, from my newest of friends.

…Addressing a matter capable of affecting all components of health—that in body, and in mind, and (most importantly) in soul.

How perfectly fitting, therefore, for The Way To Nourish For Life!

Words to truly live by: 

The one who harbors hate is deprived of God…

living in a foretaste of hell,

for he is devouring himself, seeking revenge and living in fear.

Such a person presumes to slay his enemy

but actually kills himself, for his soul is slain with the knife of hate.

On the other hand, one who truly forgives through the love of Christ crucified,

has peace and quiet, and is not disturbed.

Every bit of anger in his soul has been slain,

and God who rewards every good,

gives him the grace of eternal life in the end…

So I INVITE YOU to find consolation

as you persevere in this holy resolution…” –St. Catherine of Siena.

An Invite and Resolution to Forgive

Way quote. An-Invite-We-Cant-RefuseIILet us RSVP then: “YES”!  

Let’s respond to this ‘invite’ so that hate, resentment, ongoing anger & stress, may not come to rob us of our health [body, mind, soul].

Get Peace…

LORD, help us to let go, and LIVE

— — —

PS: Forgive me for being so quiet here lately, but I have been focusing on my studies involving a particular specialty/certification (within the field of dietetics/nutrition)—on a special matter now near & dear to my heart, so that I may be of help others…  More to come. –EF


2 thoughts on “Got Hate? …Please RSVP Within Then

  1. I once read a bumper sticker that said: “Contempt causes insanity.” Why rub salt into the original wound by clinging to the burden of hatred and resentment?

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