Tis the Season to Eat, Drink, and Be…??


Tis the Season to Eat, Drink, and…

a.) be unhealthy—and stressed?

b.) be bloated—and fatigued?

c.) be joyful—AND nourished!

Yes, it’s that time of year again “the most wonderful time of the year”, of course!

But as we begin to unpack our Christmas decorations, do you feel as though it’s time once again to leave all your wellness goals, and good intentions for health, back upon the shelf?   Have you been lead to believe that being joyful and well nourished, at the very same time, just isn’t an option during the holidays??  But it is!  It is!  It’s a very real option… a pro-active choice that we have—that can actually make us feel better when we awake on January 1st – in body, mind, & spirit.  Oh, what a great new start that could be!

Way quote.enjoy&nourish

But it’s really less about our actual Thanksgiving and Christmas-day meals; and rather more about our approach to the whole “season”… 36 days this year [varying 35-41 days from year to year] that will really matter in our choice of the above options.  So the good news about that is

Now we don’t have to feel so guilty for not wanting to use all those “skinny” recipes out there [i.e. as long as it’s not a ‘must’ situation for us] in place of great-grandma’s beloved holiday recipes.

After all, enjoying those extra special dishes on the Thanksgiving & Christmas table, together with family & friends, is certainly a part of the celebration.  It’s really the other 34 days of this season (starting on Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day) that can lead us so far astray, and make us feel stuck with option “a” or “b” yet one more year again.   Thank God there is a better way—for both Nourishment & Joy together—our option “C’ !

Way quote.TisTheSeason_NY2015b

Our “Holiday Season” of 36 days for finding Way of joy & nourishment!

*So I’m planning to post some ongoing words of encouragement, as well as practical tips, in the days to come, as we say farewell to old ways that harm [and leave us feeling more fatigued, stressed, bloated, and ill] to now welcome this new advent.*

Therefore, as we begin anew this Season, here are a few quick Tips to ponder for now, as we begin to prepare the way… 

  1. Decide ahead of time what truly is special on the table, particularly when it comes to the starches & the desserts.  For example: when at a party, if you typically get to have your family’s potato-salad several other times during the year (besides right now), but Christmas Eve is the only time you ever get to see your aunt’s famous sweet-potato casserole, then opt for the casserole with your dinner.   Try to move away from a “must-have-it-all” (everything on the table) mentality; to focus on savoring the most special items, while still remembering to include your veggies/fruit & water, as well.
  2. Keep to eating schedule; i.e. don’t skip meals (especially breakfast) in thinking you may be able to save up your calories for the big event.
  3. Laugh & enjoy the presence of your loved ones!

…with much more to come.

Here’s to keeping option “C” in Christmas… and beyond! –EF

Way quote.Option C_Tis the SeasonII

Happy Advent!

©2013 [revision 2014].–The Way to Nourish for Life:  Ideas expressed within this post are those of The Way to Nourish for Life [E. Frank, RD].  Please refer to “About” for caveat.


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