Summer of 73! In Season Once Again!


the perfect time to really veg out,

and to take our fruitful ways to a whole new level!! 

Let us take this time, then, to see and appreciate all this season has to offer…

A season of 73 (+) this year. 

But why “73”?? 

Well, it has to do with time & types, variety & frequency.  Because, in a matter of just a couple of days here, it will be the 1st official day of summer—our season through June, July, and August, of course—until its unofficial last day: Labor Day.  A period of 73 days this year (6/21–9/1/2014)… 

which means it’s time for our amazing

Summer Harvest!

Time, therefore, to truly enjoy & benefit from soooo many special plant foods. 

Fresh & in-season, at their peak of flavor & nutrition within these 73 days… 

Here’s 73 ways!!

TNTproduce.8.17.2013....1. Apricots  2. Arugula  3. Asparagus  4. Bamboo shoots  5. Basil  6. Beets  7. Bibb lettuce  8. Blackberries  9. Blueberries  10. Bok choy  11. Broccoli  12. Broccoli rabe  13. Butter beans  14. Cabbage  15. Cantaloupe  16. Carrots  17. Cauliflower  18. Celery  19. Cherries  20. Chicory  21. Collard greens  22. Crisphead lettuce  23. Cucumbers  24. Currants  25. Dandelion greens  26. Eggplant  27. Fava beans  28. Figs  29. Flat leaf parsley  30. Gala apple  31. Garlic  32. Gooseberries  33. Grapes  34. Green beans  35. Honeydew melon  36.  Hot peppers  37. Jerusalem artichoke  38. Kale  39. Leeks  40. Lemons  41. Limes  42. Lodi apple  43. Mustard greens  44. Nectarines  45. Okra  46. Onions  47. Oregano  48. Peaches  49. Plums  50. Potatoes  51. Radicchio  52. Radishes  53. Raspberries  54. Red oak lettuce  55. Rhubarb  56. Romaine lettuce  57. Scallions  58. Spinach  59. Strawberries  60. Sugar snap peas  61. Summer marsh ruby grapefruit  62. Sweet corn  63. Sweet peas  64. Sweet peppers  65. Swiss chard  66. Tomatillos  67. Tomatoes  68. Turnip  69. Yellow summer squash  70. Yellow wax beans  71. Valencia oranges  72. Watermelon  73. Zucchini

How many will you have this season?How often will you have them? 

SUMMER of 73

Days & Ways

Time to Make the Most of Them All! 

So let’s be fruitful & veg out…  Farmers markets, here we come!
BTW:  Speaking of farmers markets, if you wish to search (online) for farmers market(s) to visit, you may want to give the USDA’s National Farmers Market Directory a try.  It lists over 8,100 markets that feature two or more farm vendors selling agricultural products directly to customers.  Per their site, the Directory is maintained by the Agricultural Marketing Service, and “is designed to provide consumers with convenient access to information about farmers market listings to include: market locations, directions, operating times, product offerings, accepted forms of payment, and more…” where searches can be done by: zip code, geographic proximity, product availability, payment method, &/or whether the market participates in Federal nutrition programs (such as SNAP); or by typing a market’s official name and indicating state.  [Note:  Please refer to “About” for caveat re: The Way to Nourish for Life!] ©2014: E.F.




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