The WAY Matters!

Resolve, Reform, Renew… [oops] Recalculate… Repeat…

Resolve:  to make a definite and serious decision to do something.

Reform:  to change into an improved form or condition.

Renew:  to make new, fresh, or strong again.el camino 4Recalculate:  to re-figure, re-design, or re-adapt for a purpose.

It’s a new day & time for The Route 66 Challenge™ as we re-commit to our journey—for sake of body, mind, soul!  And because it can take approximately 66 days (on average) to reach “AutomatiCity”—a “place” of spontaneous, involuntary, or self-regulating behavior (a new habit)—attaching meaningful dates can be an extremely valuable tool to use along the way.

Way matters 3El Camino Plus, since we have already been sent, let us not delay our journey any longer, but recalculate to begin again.  And what meaningful dates we shall have on “Route” once more,  revealing the Way!!

…Results of latest “recalculating” for The Route 66 Challenge™ :

Day 1May 21, 2014 (Wednesday) Feast of Saint Christopher Magallanes & Companions; which falls on the eve of the Feast of Saint Rita of Cascia, the patron saint of impossible cases—right from the start (I like that!);

to target of…

Day 66July 25, 2014 (a Friday this year) Feast of Saint James—our very own “El Camino de Santiago” on “Route 66”!! …as we die to our old harmful way, choosing to take a more healthful, holy path—the WAY to new LIFE!!

And I invite you to join me.  Let’s pack up our goals to set out, and go! –EF

©2014.–The Way to Nourish for Life [Eileen Frank, RD].  Ideas expressed here regarding The Route 66 Way/Challenge™ are those of Eileen Frank, RD; and may not be utilized elsewhere without prior documented permission.  Please refer to “About” for caveat.

Note:  My thanks to J. Espinosa for providing the 2 “El Camino de Santiago” photos above to The Way to Nourish for Life!–EF.  [Source of definitions for the 4 “R”s = Merriam-Webster online.]


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