“The Rt. 66 Challenge” Checkpoint: Are We There Yet?

Hold on… “Re-calculating”

We have actually reached our first official 66-day mark on The Route 66 Challenge™ this week!!

Way image. country road_II 4.19.2014

The Way to Nourish for Life

Wow—Where did these 66 days go?  [or, more importantly]  Where did they bring us?   Did we “arrive” yet??  [or]  Are we still out on a rather bumpy roadway? …maybe even back where we began!   No worry, though, on this Route—even if our current checkpoint finds us at a standstill… or lost… or wandering a bit aimlessly [as Pope Francis described here], because this “challenge” is not about a race, or ride, quickly done & over with—only to be forgotten.  Instead, it really is all about the journey; something which continues on through many states of conversion, renewal, and transformation.

So let us re-calculate, shall we!  

…I’m truly in need of it, as well—primarily for my physical (exercise) endeavor, which came to a screeching halt—long before nearing my destined “AutomatiCity.”  Halted initially by my thinking influenza was headed my way… But then, because I did allow my practice to break down completely (even though  I had made it out of the woods), it just kept stalling out on me due to this loss of momentum rather early on.  [Excuses, excuses, Eileen—more on that topic to come!]  But now that May has come along (yay, May!), surely nature & weather are here to help, and capable of giving that extra push and lift to really get things rolling once more!

Please hold on then, my fellow travelers, for our updated map within The Route 66 Challenge™ (with results to be posted shortly) as we further prepare to be on the moveforward!

Way quote. Endure II

PS:  I’ve already seen where the re-calculations shall lead, and it’s awesome

A wonderful way of inspiration, coming right up!

 ©2014.–The Way to Nourish for Life [Eileen Frank, RD].  Ideas expressed here regarding The Route 66 Challenge™ are those of Eileen Frank, RD; and may not be utilized elsewhere without prior documented permission.


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