Route 66 Travel Update: Maintaining Spiritual Momentum Beyond the Season of Lent

Happy Easter!  Christ is Risen!!  Victory has been Won!

So what are we going to do next?!  We’re going to Rome!

…along with Fr. Barron!  When I read the following message this evening from Fr. Robert Barron [concluding his “Lent Reflections” series], I couldn’t help but think of our ongoing support group for The Route 66 Challenge& Way…

Hope you, too, find his words to be encouraging!

Per Fr. Barron [4/21/2014]:  “…many of you have asked, what’s next after the Lent reflections?  How do I maintain the spiritual momentum I developed during this holy season?  I’ll offer two practical suggestions:
First, visit In a couple days I’ll be traveling to Rome for the canonization of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII [4/27/2014]. During the trip I’ll share exclusive, behind-the-scenes video reflections. So be sure to visit and sign up at to receive them.
Second, commit to one new spiritual practice, right now.  There’s simply no better way to carry on your Lenten progress.  READ through the Gospel of Mark, one chapter per day;  SPEND some time with the Blessed Sacrament on a regular basis;  COMMIT to attending one extra Mass each week;  PRAY the rosary once a day, maybe in your car.  All of these are simple, proven ways to deepen your spiritual life.”  So good!

Now onward, friends, to Rome and Divine MercyPeace be with you.  Let’s go.

©2014: The Route 66 Challenge™ by Eileen Frank/The Way to Nourish for Life!


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