Route 66 Travel Update: Pope Francis as Guide to Way!

Our Holy Father wants to help us in our travels!

Today Pope Francis offered direction that relates to 3 difficult “states” we may experience along the way… Conditions we must learn to deal with, lest they hinder our progress, or worse.  So whether we find ourselves at a standstill; completely lost; or wandering aimlessly about (like a tourist), “we must ask the Lord for grace to head off again on the journey…”

Per article, Pope Francis: Don’t Be ‘Tourists’ on the Spiritual Journey of Faith, “…Pope Francis distinguished between three different types of Christians and how they live their spiritual lives. Before God asks anything of us, the Pope said, He always promises us a new life of joy, so the essence of our Christian life is always to journey in hope and trust towards those promises.
But there are many Christians whose hope is weak and while they believe and follow the commandments, they have come to a standstill in their spiritual lives. …”  See more via NEWS.VA [Official Vatican Network].

So, where are you on your journey?

= = =

©2014.–The Way to Nourish for Life RD.  [Note: Ideas expressed here regarding The Route 66 Challenge™ & Way are those of Eileen Frank, RD; and may not be utilized elsewhere without prior documented permission.]


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