16 Good Reasons to Use the F— Word!

Tired of always hearing the F—- word being tossed about?? 

And has it become such a commonplace word for us to hear — for so long — that we’ve become rather immune to it being said, over & over again?  [Don’t worry—This shall be a good word!]  Just maybe, though, we have preferred to overlook it, or ignore it… Maybe to believe, as well, that there really must be something else we could use in its place, which will sound much more effective & cutting-edge for us to try these days?  But why?? …especially when there’s so much ongoing support for its power, particularly when it’s delivered properly? 

Well, of course, as you might expect, there’s a catch here…

And it has to do with getting real — and fulfilling a need for the whole truth! 

So I hope you’ll hear me out, and not close your eyes or turn away from it, because it’s too important to keep dismissing.

Naturally, I’m talking about a good 5-letter word, and it’s “Fiber” …Something I use all the time. [Not too surprising for me to say, right?!]  But what about you?  Are you putting it to good use, too?  And are you using it enough, on a regular basis, to actually reap its potential benefits?   Check them out below!  All these wonderful reasons for why we should care to use it — reasons that often interconnect in more ways than one — and there’s a lot of evidence that supports them, with many different studies over the years…

16 Good Reasons to Use Fiberthe Right [Whole] Way:

1. For weight regulation; 2. For serum cholesterol (total; LDL) control; 3. For blood pressure control; 4. For carotid artery health; 5. For stroke risk; 6. For heart disease risk; 7. For blood sugar control; 8. Fordiabetes risk (type 2); 9. For healthy bowel integrity; 10. For diverticulosis management; 11. For IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) management; 12. For hemorrhoid management; 13. For cancer risk; 14. Forinflammatory disease risk; 15. For gum (periodontal) disease risk; 16. Possible asthma risk, as well… +more!

And research still continues on to further explore, confirm, & understand the above aspects, which also includes fiber’s involvement in the mechanisms related to intestinal flora/bacteria, and how this can affect our immune system.

How encouraging it is, then, to see so many benefits associated with a diet that is rich in fiber foods! …Foods, however, that have been seriously lacking in the typical American diet for the past 40 (or so) years.

And realize, too, that these benefits are most pronounced within the context of an overall healthy diet… Because it’s never an isolated matter [the problem nor the solution].   So we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be fooled into thinking that relying on fiber supplements is a “good enough” thing to do, or that such supplements, in general, could be the magic trick for us, with an otherwise weak (highly processed/highly depleted) diet.  This also means that we shouldn’t think processed, isolated fibers (like inulin). which have been added to many food products by manufacturers lately [in certain yogurts, beverages, ice cream, etc], are the same as eating whole [intact] fibers found naturally [and in existence with plant nutrients].  Because they’re not created equal…  So, instead, we need to rely much more on the whole Truth

A truth that’s Simple, Synergistic, and Sane

So let’s do our best to actually use this good word.  Fiber, every day.  And to keep it real… the “whole” way!

After all, fiber [in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts/seeds, whole grains] isn’t boring at all!  LOTS of choices & variety, too.

Almonds-Apples-Apricots-Barley-Black Beans-Blackberries-

Black-eyed Peas-Blueberries-Bran Flakes-Broccoli-

Brown Rice-Brussels Sprouts-Bulgur-Cabbage-


Lentils-Lettuces-Mangos-Nectarines-Oats-Pears-Pinto Beans-


Sweet Potato-Walnuts-White Beans-Wild Rice-

Whole Grain-Whole Rye-Whole Wheat-Zucchini (+) …and sooo much more.

FYI: Recommended amounts of fiber generally relate to calorie intake, ranging between 20 to 40 grams per day [lower range for women & elderly; upper range for men]. Increases should be done gradually, allowing for GI adjustment [and to include adequate water intake as well].

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PS:  There were even two different stories [due to positive studies/research results] that were featured in the news during the past week!:  1.) The Importance of Fiber in the Prevention of Diabetes & Obesity; 2.) Findings Bolster Fiber’s Role in Colon Health.

©2014.–The Way to Nourish for Life:  Ideas expressed within this post are those of The Way to Nourish for Life RD. [EF].   Note:  Please refer to ABOUT section of “The Way to Nourish for Life” for caveat: https://thewaytonourishforlife.wordpress.com/about


4 thoughts on “16 Good Reasons to Use the F— Word!

  1. Would you know if there is any benefit from fiber in lessening the impact of Diabetes Type 2 on someone already diagnosed with it? Loved the article! I can testify to the many benefits you mention, esp. when consuming enough water to go along with the fiber. Thank you.

    • Oh, yes. Fiber has a very important role to play, especially since it can help “glycemic control” in its slowing of the rate of absorption during the digestion process. And related factors that are involved with the improvement of blood sugars, and lipids, along with potentially lessened inflammation, all help to lower the risk (or degree) of complications. So fiber can be of help in both the prevention and treatment of many things. (: Thank you. –EF

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